Nowadays, renewable energy is an answer to cover the energy consumption by humankind. It will appear in the future as a source of energy to use and decrease pollution to establish friendly environmental living. This creation will take step by step action from stakeholders from government, academic, business and community. Thus, some renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, waste, etc are useful in many proper way.

One of renewable energy used now is the solar energy. It is important to get electricity which can cover household, industry and many sectors. Solar energy itself have many positive impacts to decrease pollution and increasing energy efficiency use. Therefore, one solution to offer is to use photo-voltaic model to establish energy independence and reduce pollution in order to create good environmental living.   

By this condition, it is important to conduct an e-Learning course which is covering about the renewable energy using solar energy by photo-voltaic. It is the first step to increase people awareness about renewable energy and its advantages to their daily life. This course will be hold using e-Learning platform and explaining about solar energy principles and the use of photo-voltaic as an efficient energy devices.