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1. Overview of different virtual learning environments and learning management systems 2. Basic didactics of online learning 3. Different types of communication channels (e.g. forums, chats, blogs, wikis) 4. Online facilitation and moderation methods 5. Installation and application of an LMS (e.g. Moodle) 6. Use of blogs (e.g. Word press)

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Welding is connected two pieces of metal with electricity

Pho (pronounced /fʌ/; Vietnamese: phở, pronounced [fəː˧˩˧] )) is a Vietnamese noodle soup consisting of broth, linguine-shaped rice noodles, a few herbs, and meat. It is a popular street food in Vietnam and the specialty of a number of restaurant chains around the world.

From the past to now and also will be in future most of men are so smart dressing. So, this course is covered for how to man dresses routine days also in events 

Tourism is one important aspect to earn benefits for a country. In a creative way to attract many tourist to come, tourism can also be packaged as an interesting activity to do during holiday time. Local culture and environment can be combine in a green concepts to establish eco-tourism experiences which will create environmental principles and beautiful scenery promotion. In order to establish people awareness, e-learning media can be use to learn principles of eco-tourism which are: 

1.  Tourism Business Process

2.  Local Heritage Promotion

3.  Ecological and Economical Aspects

4.  Environmental Protection (Eco-Tourism) 

The common denominator of all project financing is there is a narrowly-based cash flow generated by SPV, and the key determination is the volatility characteristics of that single cash flow. For power generation and distribution projects the process is:

1. The identification of the risks in that sector-some are the same as in other sectors, other are unique.

2. The quantification of those risks (which involves the modelling of the project);

3. The structural options for managing those risks, and

4. The effect of this risk structuring on the financing, which in turn will heavily influence the sponsor IRR.

Nowadays, renewable energy is an answer to cover the energy consumption by humankind. It will appear in the future as a source of energy to use and decrease pollution to establish friendly environmental living. This creation will take step by step action from stakeholders from government, academic, business and community. Thus, some renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, waste, etc are useful in many proper way.

One of renewable energy used now is the solar energy. It is important to get electricity which can cover household, industry and many sectors. Solar energy itself have many positive impacts to decrease pollution and increasing energy efficiency use. Therefore, one solution to offer is to use photo-voltaic model to establish energy independence and reduce pollution in order to create good environmental living.   

By this condition, it is important to conduct an e-Learning course which is covering about the renewable energy using solar energy by photo-voltaic. It is the first step to increase people awareness about renewable energy and its advantages to their daily life. This course will be hold using e-Learning platform and explaining about solar energy principles and the use of photo-voltaic as an efficient energy devices.  

Wastewater Management is minimization contamination of wastewater that can be generated from an activity. When the liquid waste has been generated should be done with efforts to control the impact of the environment are planned. This course only for introduction of waste water management implementation on school. 

Course objective :

  • Raising awareness of students to protect environment
  • Develop knowledge about The function of Wastewater Management
  • Develop knowledge about Working process of Wastewater Management

ຮຽນຮຼ້ ແລະ ຝຶກຫັດການແຕ້ມເສັ້ນປະເພດຕ່າງໆ

- ສະເໜີທິດສະດີ, ຊະນິດເສັ້ນ, ການນຳໃຊ້ ແລະ ຫຼັກການການແຕ້ມເສັ້ນປະເພດຕ່າງໆ

- ສາທິດການແຕ້ມເສັ້ນປະເພດຕ່າງໆ

- ນັກສຶກສາຝຶກຫັດແຕ້ມເສັ້ນປະເພດຕ່າງໆ

This course will provide basic knowledge of technical drawing for 1st year students in construction field. This course takes 4 credits point

This course training about basic to advance knowledge in automotive sector detail in electrical, engine, chassis and power train.

a course will be conduct in 1500 Hours.

the ending of couse, the student should take assessment to get sertification from Indonesia Sertification Agency (LSP).

Solid waste management